Barry is out, LemOn36 is in, at the WPT World Championship



Unfortunately due to personal circumstances BarryCarter won’t be able to make it to the WPT World Championship. You may remember he pledged to give away 15% of his action to our members. 

Fear not, that promotion is still happening. Our cash game coach LemOn36 is taking his place and honouring the 15% raffle. 

If you have already entered the raffle you don’t have to do anything, your entry is valid. If you haven’t entered yet, now is as good a time as any to get started. 

LemOn36 will not only be playing but also making videos on his YouTube channel for us while he is there. He is very excited to be playing and he told us:

Unfortunately, Barry won’t be able to make it to Vegas. But you know what they say – when life gives you lemons, Lemon wins the WPT World Championship! I’ll do my best to step into Barry Carter’s shoes, bringing you close to the action with my videos and blog. Most importantly, I’ll fight tooth and nail to make the lucky raffle winners rich!

If you want to cheer him on and have a chance of winning a piece of his action, check out the details below:

How to win 15% of LemOn36 in the WPT World Championship

If you can do more than one of these things, you will increase your chances of winning a 1% stake.

5% available for all members: 5% will be raffled in 5 x 1% increments to anyone who opts-in to this thread by wishing LemOn36 luck in the WPT World Championship by December 1
10% available for WPT Global Players: An additional 5% will be raffled in 5 x 1% increments to any tracked WPT Global account (New and existing) that earns at least one StrategyPoint between November 9 and December 1. This in addition to the forum opt-in above means 10% of the 15% is available to this group. 
15% available to New WPT Global Players: A final 5% will be raffled in 5 x 1% increments to anyone who creates a PokerStrategy-tracked WPT Global account between November 9 and December 1, and then earns 1 StrategyPoint. If those players also earn a second StrategyPoint they will be eligible for the aforementioned 5% for new and existing accounts. 

The draw will take place on December 4.

Opt-in to win a share of LemOn36’s WPT World Championship

*This is a private initiative by LemOn36 which has helped to organise. LemOn36 will do his best to take care of fast settlement with any winners and find suitable payment methods after any tax has been deducted. 

Author: Joseph James